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Our Bars

The staff here at Bulls Bridge Bars have served at many events and noticed that the bars we were given were generic and unattractive, so we did something about it. 

We hand built our own bespoke bar units which are not only modular, meaning they can be made as large or as small as we want, but the whole front can be changed to completely your design. So whether you're having a corporate function or you want a more personalised wedding bar we can do it. 

The Rustic Bar

Whether your planning a festival themed party or a country wedding our rustic bar is handmade from recycled wood and inlaid with a selection of vibrant plants grown ourselves in the greenhouse. 

Everywhere we use this bar it fits in perfectly with any surroundings. 

The modular bar

Our modular bar looks fantastic in any situation, be it a marquee wedding, corporate party or product launch you can be sure that this bar will look great.

The bar can be arranged into virtually any shape or size to cater for smaller more intimate events or huge parties.

The front of the bar can also be changed to give you an entirely bespoke bar system, whether its your company logo for a product launch or something to make your wedding bar look completely individual to you.

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